Why Do Things Go Wrong In Life? (2)

Law of Attraction and Adversity

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Even to ask why people suffer is to apply human value judgments to the ordering principle of the Universe. At some level, every experience has a purpose. The Universe is not fickle, nor is it random.

Why people fail – according to Arnold Schwarzenegger

When people experience so-called “negative events” there is some reason for that happening which is beyond our capacity to understand.

Remember that when people manifest positive events, using the universal Law of Attraction, we do not expect to understand every step by which the Universe produces those events either.

You Can’t Guess What The Universe Wants

I’m also struck by the drive of the human being to understand what’s going on in the world. To second guess the Universe’s intentions, or to try and work out the purpose of events which occur on the material plane, but originate on the spiritual plane, is probably a waste of our time and effort.

Remember that manifestation itself depends on an act of faith: believing that the universe can provide what you want, when you want it, provided certain preconditions are fulfilled.

Can you distinguish between false beliefs and real beliefs?
Can you distinguish between false beliefs and real beliefs?

You will see, from the lessons of history, that the Universe is neutral – it can manifest negative energy (in our terms) just as powerfully, quickly and effectively as it can manifest positive energy. It is we, the humans on this planet, who have the choice about how the energy is used. Perhaps our ultimate gift from the Universe is actually our ability to make choices about how we live our lives.

None of this is very simple, and none of it’s very easy to understand, and perhaps even harder to accept, at least from a human perspective.

The secret to using the Law of Attraction is in your hands.
The secret to using the Law of Attraction is in your hands.

Again, like so much in the world of the spiritual, it’s an act of faith, and you have a choice whether to believe it or not.

But surely the very act of manifestation, the very thing that you are aspiring to gain control over, speaks of a spiritual existence for each and every one of us on this planet?

And is it not true that you are in some sense more evolved, more spiritually evolved, because you are seeking to use your divine gift of creativity (and by that, I mean creativity in a literal sense – that of creating reality) in your life on the planet at this moment?

We don’t in fact even need to answer these questions. Perhaps, once again, the desire to answer these questions stems from the human need for understanding. Perhaps our spiritual selves can take us beyond understanding to a place of faith? A place where we merely take responsibility for controlling our lives, and using Law Of Attraction to ensure we have whatever it is that we desire to acquire and achieve in our lifetime.

You see, many people would suggest that we don’t need to understand our history, both individually and collectively, to move forward in this lifetime. Others would suggest that identifying with our “story” inhibits our spiritual development. Others would say that our story had many hidden benefits… as Napoleon Hill said, “In every adversity lies the seed of a greater benefit.

But our story – that is to say, the events that happened to us as we grew up, and the consequences that we believe those events have had for us – may be irrelevant in the face of our ability to create reality by using Law of Attraction and manifestation.

Certainly people who experience massive adversity in their lives will often say, years later, that they didn’t understand the purpose of this adversity when it happened, and that they only came to understand and appreciate the meaning of it, the more spiritual meaning of it, later in life.

And when they came to understand that, it probably didn’t look like adversity – it might even have looked like a great gift or benefit.

You might well have experienced something similar in your own life! If so, then perhaps the lesson to take away from this is not to be judgmental of yourself right now, but to accept that you are where you are, you are the product of your entire life experience, and that you can move forward to a different and better life based on a reality that you have created.

That perhaps more than anything else is an expression of true independence of spirit, of true determination to create your own life, and in that, an expression of genuine connection with the principles of Attraction.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that you can obtain from adversity is the learning that it gives you.

With sufficient sovereign energy in your life you can get back into a place of control and function and self-determination.

Avoiding the victim mentality, and avoiding self-pity, will allow you to use your energy more positively for creating a new life.

And of course overcoming adversity in this way also allows you to discover the true nature of your own power.

No matter what adversity you may have suffered, no matter what experiences you’ve been through, the world remains a beautiful place with endless opportunities and infinite possibilities for you to explore.

Although our lives on this earthly plane often separate us both at the level of head and heart, we are still social creatures at every level.

Connection with another human being can help all of us overcome adversity and put us back in a place of personal power and universal connection. What this means in practice is that by helping others, you can always help yourself.

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