When Things Go Wrong In Life

Understanding Adversity In Your Life

I think we’re all brought up with some kind of belief that if we can only live a good life, whatever that might mean, we’ll be rewarded in some way by the Universe giving us peace and plenty.

Yet you only have to look around you at people who have complete control of the Law of Attraction, and even at those who don’t, to realize that in actual fact, adversity is a natural part of everybody’s existence.

But why should this be? I’ve spoken of challenges and difficulties as being ways in which the Universe can encourage us to grow, and I completely believe that. It stands to reason that without challenges to develop our skills and abilities, or without difficulties which prod us into developing greater knowledge and wisdom, we might well remain stuck at the same level of personal development for the rest of our lives.

Attraction and Adversity

But what about real adversity? What about the really bad stuff? What is the purpose of that, given that the Universe is supposed to be benevolent and give us whatever we want, provided we can use Law Of Attraction effortlessly?

If the Universe is so perfect, some people say, then surely only good things should happen? If there is a natural order to the world around us, or even a God, a unifying force or some other cosmic principle, others might ask, then why is unfairness and injustice so common in the world?

These are very good questions and they are very spiritual, as well. You see, anybody who’s manifesting their reality is definitely working with the divine principle at a spiritual level. (Please don’t misunderstand this, because by Divine Principle all I mean is a Unifying Force, or an Ordering Principle, or some kind of Universal Consciousness which has the ability to respond to our needs and desires when they are expressed in the correct way. That is, after all, the basis of how Law of Attraction operates.)

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The trouble is we are looking at these things from a human perspective. It’s our human intelligence which gives us the capacity to make value judgements about what is good and what is evil, and it’s our human intelligence which allows us to choose between good and bad. The Universe, by contrast, simply operates on the principle of love. It’s we humans who have the choice to abandon this principle and follow a different path.

(Although of course the choices we make are predicated on certain other things happening during our childhood: for example, to stay away from the path of what we might call evil, children must be treated with respect, taught the difference between “right” and “wrong”, and be shown the nature of kindness and compassion towards other living beings.)

Yet the divine Law of Attraction in our universe doesn’t operate in this way, i.e. by making value judgments. In the mindless, timeless, energetic and ultimately spiritual place that is God, Cosmic Consciousness, The Great Mystery, The Unifying Principle, The Tao, there are no judgments about good or bad; neither is there any meaningful concept of evil, nor any passage of time.

This is a different dimension of time and space. And it certainly operates on a different paradigm to the one on which we base our physical, worldly reality. It operates on a paradigm of love.

Now, this may seem hard to believe, particularly if your world is full of adversity. People living in conflict zones, or people with fatal illnesses, or people who face abuse of the most extreme forms, to take but three examples, would probably not take kindly to the assertion that the Universe is fundamentally good and loving, makes no mistakes, and that all the evil in the world is down to the choices that humanity makes.

But how could a Universe that was perfect be predicated on anything other than the principle of freedom of choice? And is it not possible that in every adversity there lies the seed of a greater benefit? (Hint: yes, it is possible.)

The ultimate manifestation - think and grow rich
A useful quote from Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Yet none of this will stop many people feeling their life has been a struggle, and that what they have had to battle against is intrinsically “unfair”. Indeed, this struggle is clearly a driving force in human existence. If it were not, suicide would not be so commonplace.

And again, we see many people who feel so disempowered that they believe they are incapable of manifesting any change in their life. To them, talking about Laws of Attraction (see this for more information) may be meaningless. They feel completely powerless, possibly hopeless. This is probably some kind of internal battle for survival, and it isn’t one which people always win. How, you may ask, in this kind of situation, is it possible to speak of benefits in the face of adversity?

But to reiterate the point, that is taking a purely human view. And of course we are humans, and we live on this planet with our feet on the ground, even if our heads or our hearts are in a spiritual place.

A spiritual life will not save you from failure, disappointment and accidents. But you will be able to bear them better.
A spiritual life will not save you from failure, disappointment and accidents. But you will be able to bear them better.

To take another example: fatal illness. Many people die from cancer. Often this happens at an early age, devastating family and friends. But there is a truth overlooked in the sorrow and grief – the simple truth that we all have to die sometime. That, in fact, death is our only certainty. That fact alone can ease the sorrow and grief of somebody passing from this world to the next. And taken in a spiritual context, some belief systems suggest that moving from this world to the next allows for spiritual evolution and maybe reincarnation.

It’s certainly a possibility that when we die on the earthly plane, some aspect of us, call it soul or spirit, moves on to a different place. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it seems highly likely because we are all part of The One, The Universal Whole.

In any event these are questions to which we will not know the answer until we ourselves make passage from this world to another place. Of more earthly concern, here and now, is the question of whether or not a person’s experience of “bad” things might possibly be the converse of manifesting good things.

In other words, if we have the power and the ability to use manifestation to create reality in a positive way, might it not also be the case that we have the power and ability to manifest negative experiences in our lives? (Hint: yes we do.)

To put it even more simply, our people responsible for all the misfortunes which befall them? In other words, are unfortunate people victims of their own thinking and way of being in the world?

See the next post for more details…

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