The Divine Matrix and The Force Of Attraction

Many people have difficulty with the concept of manifestation because they don’t understand how our thoughts can impact the creation of reality.

Often, I simply say to people – don’t worry about it.  After all, using Law of Attraction ideas for manifestation is an act of faith.

Even so, I know a lot of people need some kind of scientific explanation.

This can really help them to believe in Law Of Attraction and manifestation principles, because it gives them a rational framework for the whole process.

The Divine Matrix attempts to answer many questions people have about the law of attraction.
The Divine Matrix attempts to answer many questions people have about the law of attraction.

I’ve been reading a book called The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. It’s a good explanation of many things that puzzle people about manifestation. (You know, quantum physics and the like.)

After all, the whole process of manifestation assumes that our minds can somehow connect with the universe and influence what happens before people, events, and places manifest on earth. Isn’t that magnificent?

Perhaps one of the reasons people have difficulty believing in manifestation is actually because they can’t understand their own power and magnificence.

Whatever, manifestation is a reality that has always existed, continues to exist, and will continue to exist whether or not you believe in it.

For that reason, to achieve your full magnificence, it might be helpful to put aside your doubts and look at the whole issue of spiritual and material abundance as it’s playing out at this moment in your life from the point of view of your connection to the universal energy.

We Are Both Manifesters And The Manifested

Which is a rather nice way of saying that we’re not passive observers living in a universe over which we have little influence.

The truth of the matter is that everything we do impacts the universe. The question really is whether or not you want that impact to be random or purposeful, directed to serving other people or your own ends?

Suppose, for a moment, that the universe was not actually the entire world. Suppose, for a moment, that beyond the universe, beyond what you can see, lies another reality, a deeper reality, a higher realm – call it what you will – which is the source of everything we see around us.

The Divine Matrix attempts to answer many questions people have about the law of attraction.
The Divine Matrix attempts to answer many questions people have about the law of attraction.

To that other reality, the name has been given “The Divine Matrix”.

And it is that Divine Matrix which we can influence with our thoughts. The implications of this are stunning. For those of us who already use the power of manifestation this may not be too surprising, but for the doubters and cynics, the concept seems almost impossible.

After all, the implications of our minds being connected to The Divine Matrix go way beyond anything that we can conceive of in our little worlds, our limited physical worlds, the worlds in which we live from day-to-day.

Attraction and the Matrix

Yet people have understood this concept for generations: as far back as the sixth century the essence of everything that determines the form of all matter in creation was known as the Tao.

Today we have other names for it: the simplest being God, while others include the universal intelligence, the cosmic consciousness or the universal mind.

What is Attraction? And Why Is It A Law?

Let’s be clear what our so-called Law Of Attraction actually is.

Make no mistake - manifestation using the law of attraction is a spiritual process.
Make no mistake – manifestation using the law of attraction is a spiritual process.

It’s the way in which the universe responds to our requests for energy to take a particular form on planet Earth. In other words, it’s the set of rules by which the universe responds to our requests for manifestation of what we want. And the key to that is how we impact the universal energy which surrounds us.

When we impact on “universal energy”, we can change the form in which that energy is reflected back to us. On earth, in other words, we can change the form in which things appear in our physical world.

You know, it occurs to me that one of the simplest pieces of evidence for the existence of the universal mind, or the Divine matrix, is the fact that throughout human history there’s been some kind of enduring sense of an entity or an energy “beyond us”, above us or somehow greater than us, which is responsible for the creation of everything on the planet.

However….  the point of Greg Braden’s book is to bring some scientific rigor to theories and speculation about the nature of the cosmic intelligence.

So with apologies to Greg, for changing his words The Divine Matrix into the “universal energy”, and various other expressions, let’s look at what he has to say.

In Chapter 1 Greg begins by saying “there is a place where all things begin, a location of pure energy that simply ‘is’….”

He calls this the quantum incubator, and says that “through the reality makers of imagination, expectation, judgement, passion, and prayer, we galvanise each possibility into existence.”

Explaining Attraction

That, again, is the Law Of Attraction at work – the rules, the system, the mechanism by which we can make our wishes and desires manifest in the world. Make no mistake about it – the implications of that idea are enormous….. for it implies we can have, do, be and create whatever we wish in whatever form we wish.

Of course, that raises the interesting questions of why this may seem to be so difficult, why it does not happen more often, and why the process appears to be so difficult to control….

I agree with Greg completely when he suggests that the key to mastering this place of pure energy – which in other words means mastering manifestation – is to “know that it exists, to understand how it works, and finally speak the language that it recognizes.”

We ARE More Connected Than We Are Separate

So let’s start from the proposition that everything in the world is connected to everything else. Hardly a great discovery, perhaps, but certainly a new idea to some of you reading this. But think for a moment what it means: you aren’t separate from the world. You are a part of it.

One of the earliest expl

Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

orers of the theory of the Divine Matrix (not that he called it that) was Neville Goddard, described as a 20th century visionary from Barbados.

Many people today know about his work because he was perhaps the first speaker and writer on self-improvement to talk about the way in which we can manifest reality by using or manipulating the cosmic consciousness.

Like many people before and after him, Neville believed that everything which happens to us or is done by us is the product of our consciousness and absolutely nothing else. And applying this understanding allows us to manifest what we want in the world. It’s certainly true that Neville’s work is a good reminder that it may be an error to look at reasons for what happens to us outside of ourselves.

Video – Neville Goddard

In other words, what would it be like to actually take responsibility for accepting that we ourselves create everything that happens to us? And if this were true, would we feel encouraged to use that knowledge to help ourselves and the world?

For Neville, the key to manifesting reality was our ability to feel as if I dreams have already come true, our ability to drive the process of creation by understanding what it would feel like to know that what we wanted had already happened.

In a sense this is what Neville meant when he said we must “enter the image” of what we want, and “think from that place”.

Certainly all the people who write about manifestation will tell you that the driving force is feeling (or emotion if you prefer).