A Shortcut To Manifestation

When you’re struggling to manifest anything with Law of Attraction, it’s useful to have a guy like Michael Mackintosh on your side.

michaelmackintoshHe’s written a book, which you can find on Amazon, which is all about the blocks and struggles that people have in creating their reality.

His basic thesis is that the old-fashioned teaching – which means the teaching that most people who write about Law of Attraction are still using – doesn’t work because it overlooks several important points.

Of course the real truth is it works for some people, but certainly the majority of people who try and manifest anything using the conventional teachings don’t actually succeed in using Law of Attraction principles. This conventional teaching could be summed up as: ask – believe – let go – receive.

For me that was always too simple an explanation of how Law of Attraction works.

It’s quite obvious if you look around the majority of people who try manifesting things don’t actually succeed in any way shape or form.

How advanced is your spiritual evolution?
How advanced is your spiritual evolution?

And I’ve always suspected, and Michael Mackintosh confirms, one of the reasons for this is that many people just simply haven’t reached a high enough level of spiritual evolution to be able to manifest successfully.

You might be wondering what that means in practice.

For me, spiritual evolution is about being able to do several things that are necessary for the law of attraction to co-create your reality.

The first of them is to actually make contact with the spiritual plane on which manifestation occurs.

There are two components here, I think, that can cause trouble: the first of them is that many people have a restless mind which prevents them from focusing their attention on anything for more than a brief period.

The second is that people who don’t have a very spiritual evolution may be incapable of establishing connection with the non-physical realm where manifestation is programmed and reality made manifest.

What You Need To Be An Attractive Force

You see, spiritual evolution is the product of a daily practice of meditation or some other spiritual discipline over a long period of time.

This clears the blocks from the mind, and makes it easier for a person to connect with the divine, or, if you prefer, the Great Mystery, or the universal energies, or the Cosmic Consciousness.

Call it what you will, the truth of the matter is that you do have to be a spiritually evolved person to be able to manifest reality. So if you’re not practicing some kind spiritual discipline, or you don’t feel that you have a personal relationship with the divine, then this is probably a good time to cultivate one.

Video: Cultivating a spiritual practice

But there are many other difficulties that Michael Mackintosh mentions as having a bearing on people’s failure to use Law of Attraction successfully.

Choose What You Really Need To Attract

He makes an interesting point about the objectives which people choose when they’re trying to manifest reality.

Put it this way: are you trying to manifest something you desire from an egotistical point of view, or you trying to manifest something that is in line with your deepest purpose on the planet, in line with your heart’s desires, and in line with your soul purpose?

If not, then it’s unlikely that you’ve got the spiritual motivation which is going to sustain your interest for long enough to cause manifestation to happen.

And Law of Attraction certainly works best when a person is interested in their own spiritual development and the spiritual good of all around them.

That’s an expression summed up in the saying “Let whatever happen that is best for all concerned”.

And sadly this is an attitude of mind and a way of being attraction that few people seem to be able to embody as they attempt to use the law of attraction.

After all, attractions and desires that are born of the ego are transient, often very materialistic in nature, and usually not designed for the higher good of either the person concerned or the rest of the planet.

Don’t misunderstand me! I’m not saying that all objectives really have to be something highly spiritually tuned, or for the good of all concerned – but what I am saying is that you have a much better chance manifesting something if your motivation is the development of your own soul or your purpose on the planet.

Even so, it’s certainly possible to manifest things that are out of line with your soul purpose if you have the right attitude and approach.

Supposing I’m correct in suggesting, as Michael Mackintosh does, that a connection with God and some soul-driven motivation help the process of manifestation?

What else might there be in the way we operate, that causes a universal Law of Attraction to respond to our requests?

The old teaching, which you find in The Secret, is something like “ask – believe – receive”.

The Law Of Attraction May Not Co-operate With You.... So What Are You Doing Wrong?
The Law Of Attraction May Not Co-operate With You…. So What Are You Doing Wrong?

But in fact most people who try this don’t get any results. Now, I would argue there are several reasons for that, the first of which is that they don’t have sufficient belief, and the second of which is that they are not putting enough energy into the process of visualizing or expecting their belief to manifest.

At best, you might get some transient success, or some intermittent successes, but you won’t get any consistent manifestation of your desires, and certainly not a sense that law of attraction is working in your favor.

Perhaps the most controversial of Michael’s teaching is the suggestion that instead of constantly giving energy to your objective in the form of visualization and emotional desire, you actually have to release all control of what you want and have no attachment to it whatsoever.

I certainly don’t come from this place, but I think it’s interesting to read what Michael has to say about it. His advice is that once you’ve reached a certain depth, a certain spiritual depth, that is, in trying to manifest anything then you must surrender and let it go.

And his suggestion for this is quite an interesting one:  imagine yourself having attained whatever is your true desire and then see it in a bubble. Yes, see your entire dream contained in a bubble.

Then, having imagined that, take a few deep breaths and release it so that it floats up and away from you as you offer it back to God, with an assertion that if it’s right for you it can come back to you, and if not, then God can send you whatever is best for you and all concerned in its place.

It’s certainly a surprising method, but what I am noticing more and more is that people who write about Law of Attraction in spiritual terms seem to be much more successful in manifesting their reality than people who write about it from the same old position that we’ve heard many times before!

And the final point Michael makes is one I’ve reiterated often enough myself – you have to take action to make something happen

The very idea that people can manifest just by visualizing their objective day after day after day and expecting it to appear in front of them is simply ludicrous. The truth of the matter is that unless you take some action, you are neither committed to your objective, nor are you offering the universe any indication that it’s worth cooperating with you.

If you’d like to read more about Michael’s work, then you can find it in his Kindle book on Amazon “Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people: how to create everything you truly desire”.

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