Quantum Physics and The Law Of Attraction

Quantum Physics: The Key To Changing Reality?

One of the most common questions that people ask about manifestation is: “How on earth can the human mind affect what appears or is created in the physical world?”

And no wonder people asked that question, because it’s a pretty mind blowing idea that we can affect what appears in our world using the power of our minds (that’s what we mean by manifestation).

If you look around the Internet you’ll see a lot of people trying to explain it on the basis of quantum physics – or rather, something they think of as quantum physics but don’t really understand.

And when you think about that, it’s no surprise, because both manifestation using the law of Attraction and quantum physics is one of the most esoteric areas of human knowledge.

But, if we’re going to try and explain manifestation by using quantum physics, then we need to go to some pretty arcane theories.

Quantum Attraction

This might not be for everyone! But I just want to put it in here because for those of you who are interested, it does at least give you the beginnings of a plausible explanation as to how manifestation – and indeed the law of attraction – might operate.

So if you look at this YouTube video, you going to find a theoretical physicist who is talking about orchestrated objective reduction (OOR) – which is a model of consciousness based on quantum physics.

Attraction & Repulsion

Of course it’s a mystery to most of us how the mind works, let alone the universe! And as to how they might be intertwined – well, the only thing most of us see there is the success (or otherwise) we have when trying to manifest things in the world.

Which means that trying to explain manifestation on the basis of quantum physics requires us to look at consciousness as well.

You see, the majority of theories about consciousness suggest that it’s a byproduct of activity of the nerves in the brain.

I’m sure if you think about that you can see how vague and unspecific this is. Indeed, it’s hardly a theory at all – it’s just a hypothesis based on nothing other than the absence of any better explanation of what consciousness actually is.

Yet to take a leap into the dark, and to suggest that consciousness is based on quantum processing is an even more radical idea.

It assumes that nerve cells have some ability to act as quantum processors. And quantum processors are very different from ordinary digital processors.

In ordinary digital computers, data is encoded in binary digits or bits – in other words, a piece of information is coded by using a sequence of two definite states, which in the case of computer represented as 0 or 1.

But in a quantum computer, data isn’t coded in this way. In fact, because data can occupy any state between zero and one at the same time, and in fact can occupy multiple states the same time, the computer is theoretically capable of working infinitely faster than a conventional digital computer.

Indeed, this is a strange world where data, matter or energy can be many things at the same time. If you want to know more (rather than have me trying to explain it) you might want to go to some original references and have a look at quantum computer theory.

But how does that relate to nerve cells? The theory is that certain elements of nerve cells such as the microtubules associated with proteins on the outside of nerve cells can actually function as processing locations for units of quantum information.

I think it’s fair to say that this theory has been highly criticized, and constantly refined as a result. But it’s not widely accepted. The main objection is that the brain isn’t an ideal medium for quantum processing to take place. (Check that out here.)

But let’s assume that, as the idea is propagated by many people in the field, quantum processing could occur in the brain. How might that actually impact on our ability to manifest reality?

What we do know to be true is that everything in the universe is made up of energy: that’s a fact that’s been well proven by science. Even things which look really solid are in fact actually just made up of energy. Indeed, at the subatomic level, energy and matter are completely interchangeable.

Little packets of this energy, known as quantum wave functions, interact with other quantum wave functions throughout the universe constantly.

And when they do interact with each other, we can imagine that moment is the moment when some new reality is created.

Of course there is a big difference between two packets of quantum energy interacting and some manifestation on the physical plane. And that still doesn’t explain how the brain could impact quantum energy in such a way as to manifest reality.

I admit, it’s a struggle to make sense of the theory around the Law Of Attraction and quantum physics. No wonder such nonsense has been written about it.

And it’s fair to say that there is a lot of controversy about the idea that the brain can function as a quantum computer. But assuming this is true, it could be that one of the properties of quantum energy called coherence might serve as a mechanism for manifestation.

Again, I’m not really qualified to explain this here: you might want to look at some other references written by people who know more about it than I do. Coherence time survival and the quantum state.

Here’s an idea:

Here is a good analogy to help you understand the importance of including images, sound and emotions when you are visualizing what you want to have, do and be.

Creating and sending out a quantum wave function of what you want, is like sending an email over the internet.

When you send an email, that data is sent through space and time, to the recipient, through cyberspace, like magic.

If your email is composed of text alone, then it does not contain much data and becomes a small file in terms of memory and requires little energy to send it.

When you attach a text document, like a pdf file, to your email, then the email holds more data, and becomes a larger file requiring more energy to send.

When you attach an audio file, like an mp3 file, to your email, you now have much more data, increasing the size of the email and it now requires even more energy to send.

Now, what happens when you attach some digital images or a video to your email? The email now holds an extensive amount of data, and is memory intensive. It requires a lot of energy to send it, and it may take a while to be transmitted. In fact, if your email contains too much data, you may need to send that information in a different way.

The amount of data in your email is directly proportional to the amount of energy needed to send it.

Imagine what would happen if you could attach feelings and emotions to your email – how much data would this require?

An email containing feelings and emotions would require so much more energy to send, because it contains so much data.

Think of a quantum wave function as an email you transmit out into the universe, containing the details of what you want to have, do and be in your life, containing data of what you want to cohere, or manifest, in your reality.

What kind of quantum wave function do you think would create a bigger impact on the universal quantum wave function it is going to interact or interfere with?

A quantum wave function containing more energy will help you cohere more of what you want!