The History Of The Law Of Attraction

The history of manifestation goes way back when.
The history of manifestation goes way back when.

There are records in human history which go right back to the beginning of recorded time that tell us about man’s ability to manifest reality in the way that he desires.

But the idea that we have the ability to control the way the the universe works can seem very mysterious, because we live in a world where the reality we see around us is the reality that appears inevitable.

The concept that we can change this reality, even form it, challenges people’s belief systems.

What can history tell us about Attraction?

Perhaps the first recorded account of manifestation was produced by an ancient Egyptian sage called Hermes. His writings have become documented in a text known as The Kybalion. What can this text, tell us, living in the 21st century, about Laws of Attraction and manifestation?

These hermetic teachings (a word derived from the name of the sage Hermes) were an attempt to produce some kind of system that mankind could understand, perhaps a way of explaining what were seen as sacred principles behind manifestation.

Sidebar: of course manifestation would always have been regarded as sacred, because anything that was beyond earthly understanding was attributed to the gods. Hopefully nowadays we have a more enlightened understanding of the nature of God and of the universe around us.

man meditating
Do you need to be a sage to get what you want?

So Hermes wrote seven sacred principles of manifestation.

Let’s examine them.

The First Principle

The first principle of the Kybalion says that everything in the universe, absolutely everything, no matter what form it takes, including the spiritual and emotional and intellectual, is part of the entire divine creation.

And that divine creation has been referred to in many ways over the years: God, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Intelligence, the Great Mystery, and so on.

And it follows, doesn’t it, that if we have the ability to control the way in which the things around us manifest in reality, then we are inevitably all part of a bigger whole.

Hermes wrote something which seems true to many people even today: “The fundamental truth is beyond naming, but wise men call it the All.”

You may not see the mechanism of manifestation but it depends on Universal Intelligence.
You may not see the mechanism of manifestation but it depends on Universal Intelligence.

You’ll see this is remarkably similar to the concept of God – the all-powerful and omniscient –  which has been invoked by many people over human history to explain not only our existence but the existence of the world around us.

So whatever we call the universal energy, it is part of us and we are part of it, just as the Scripture said: “Jesus is within you.”

Whether or not you seek an explanation of this doesn’t alter one fundamental truth:  we are all part of a bigger whole.

Remember that quantum physics teaches us that matter and energy are the same thing, that energy is matter, and energy is matter; the two are interchangeable.

Within that simple statement we can find an explanation of who we are, and how we can manifest reality around us.

The Second Principle

The second Hermetic principle is simply summed up as: “As above, so below… As below, so above.”

Perhaps this is equivalent to the saying that Jesus is within you. Or “Your heavenly Father is all around you” – and of course, traditionally people on earth looked upwards to the gods.

Gods, it was thought, lived above us, more elevated spiritually, more elevated in the vision of prehistoric people in every way. We, as mere mortals, were living seen as somewhere below the gods in stature and significance.

Two soulmates
As above, so below

That view doesn’t fit with a modern view of manifestation at all, where the spiritual, the intellectual and the material, all different planes of our existence, coexist together on the surface of this planet, and each is dependent on the other.

We can see different aspects of the universal intelligence or cosmic consciousness, or whatever name you choose to give to this power, in everything around us.

And the key to our connection with the spiritual world, the level from which manifestation takes place, is that our subconscious mind has the capacity to connect with the spiritual plane of existence.

Over the years, people have found many ways of establishing this connection, the most well-known of which is prayer – but we don’t need to think of manifestation and Law of Attraction as a form of prayer. I prefer to think of these things as a natural aspect of our humanity.

The Third Principle

The third principle could be summed up in a modern way by saying that matter and energy are the same thing. Hermes said in the Kybalion that there was a “principle of vibration”: everything in the world had a frequency at which it vibrated, and that vibration determined the level of density in the form of the matter.

graphic representing energy vibrations of the brain
The energetic vibrations of each entity are unique

Modern quantum physics has demonstrated this to be true in every way, because what appears to be solid is in fact just energy.

Energy is the building foundation for the universe, and from energy manifests our reality.

Perhaps by tapping into the energy which is the foundation of our existence, we can manifest reality in the form that we desire, because every thought, every action, every emotion, has the capacity to attract to itself something in physical form.

And of course energy tends to flow from a higher energetic state to a lower energetic state.

As you may understand when you read more about manifestation and Law of Attraction, high-energy thoughts are required to propel your desires and wishes out into the universe before they’ll manifest.

Regardless of the details, regardless of principles of quantum physics, regardless of the relationship between energy and matter, what we know is that the mind can attract towards it the things on which it consistently focuses on.

This is one reason, in very simplistic terms, why people who think about poverty and lack seem to maintain that state in their lives, while those who think about abundance joy and gratitude tend to maintain that state.

For practical purposes, if you are using Law of Attraction to manifest, you need to focus your vision on the higher energetic frequencies which will take your mental energy towards abundance and prosperity, thereby connecting you with abundance and prosperity in physical form.

The Fourth Principle

The fourth Kybalion principle, the fourth teaching of Hermes, the fourth Hermetic principle,  was all about stating that things which appear to be opposite are in fact merely polarities.

In other words, if you take the example of masculinity and femininity, they are far from opposites – they are simply different ends of a spectrum, of a polarity. Similarly, poverty and abundance are different qualities or states of being on another polarity.

You can move along any polarity from one extreme to the other, and it’s your beliefs, your beliefs about yourself, and your beliefs about the world, which determine where you rest on the polarity scale.

By raising your energy, by raising the energy of your thoughts, you can move along any scale to achieve a different way of being in the world.

The Fifth Principle

According to the Kybalion, the entire universe operates to precise and predictable rhythm.

And what does this mean in practice, in 21st-century language?

Essentially what Hermes was saying here in the Kybalion was that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, that every movement in one direction is compensated for by some counter movement in another. But in fact we need to think more clearly than this – modern thinking around the law of attraction doesn’t suggest negative karma will hit you just because you thought positively in the past. Nor do fail to get what you want because you think negatively.

This is a principle of manifestation which doesn’t hold true.

The Sixth Principle

Six principle of the Kybalion is the law of cause and effect – it means that pure chance doesn’t exist, that every cause has an effect, every effect has a cause.

To put it more simply, nothing can happen by chance.

I’m sure we all agree that everything has a cause and effect, but when you think about this, you might begin to believe that this implies that the world is predetermined, and that we do not have free choice or free will.

In fact we do, but we can only exercise it when we reach a certain level of consciousness: and herein lies a challenge – that while we may be living the way we are because of what happened to us in the past, we certainly can move to a level of consciousness where we can free ourselves from the causes of our own individual and cultural history.

One of the reasons why Law of Attraction principles fail to work for so many people is because they are not in a place where they truly believe they actually are in charge of what happens to them. This must change before manifestation is possible; which is why we show you how to change your deepest beliefs about yourself in another section of this website.

The Seventh Sacred Principle

Hermes suggested that everything in the world has both male and female energy.

Hermes suggested every force and every event, every creation, and every manifestation in the world has both a positive and a negative aspect.

Well, we might see a polarity in our world in the things around us, and we can certainly accept the idea of opposing forces: the polarity of love and hate, the polarity of masculine and feminine, but to ascribe these energies to  everything in the world is misguided.

Rather than describing every object and force in the universe as being governed by masculine and feminine energy, we can see all things in the world as governed by two energies which are polarities:

For example:

The energy of inaction vs the energy of action.
The energy of passivity vs the energy of passion.
The energy of belief vs the energy of disbelief.
The energy of expectancy vs the energy of despair.

And so it goes on.

Rather than invoking the idea of masculine and feminine, perhaps a better way of summing up this principle would be to say that there are opposing forces at work in our lives. and that these opposing forces should be working in harmony.

So is the Kybalion any more than an interesting historical document?

No, probably not.

There are plenty of books written in more modern terms and more modern language which can encapsulate our concepts and understanding around the law of attraction and manifestation.

And we can still take some simple straightforward truths from the Kybalion:

  • The way you think is absolutely critical in determining the quality of your life.
  • Opposing principles are at work in everything you do.
  • We are all part of a greater whole.
  • We are more connected than we are separate.
  • We are more similar than we are different.
  • The more we give, the more we receive.
  • Action in the world is necessary to create anything.
  • Our desires and beliefs are essential ingredients in the formation of the energy of the world around us.
  • The Law of Attraction works ceaselessly for us, not against us.

“The possession of knowledge, unless accompanied by manifestation and expression in action, is like the hoarding of precious metals: a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for use.” – The Kybalion

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