Limiting Beliefs And The Law of Attraction – 2

Making The Law Of Attraction Work

Eliminating limiting beliefs will enable you to use the Laws of Attraction and Creation successfully. Here’s why.

  • You won’t get what you want if you have a belief that for some reason it simply isn’t possible for you.
  • You won’t get rich if you believe that being poor is virtuous.
  • You won’t get rich if you believe that money is the root of all evil.
  • You won’t get rich if your cultural background left you with the idea that poverty is your natural state.
  • You won’t get rich if you believe you don’t have the intelligence to get rich.
  • You won’t get rich if you believe you aren’t old enough / young enough / clever enough / smart enough / educated enough / the right class / brave enough / whatever…..
  • You won’t get into a relationship if you believe you aren’t attractive enough / sexy enough / smart enough /clever enough / appealing enough /  tall enough / short enough / blonde / brunette / handsome / whatever….
  • The truth, no matter what you believe, is controlling your reality.

As Henry Ford rightly said: “If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford was one of the most successful businessmen of the 20th century. Yet he didn’t have much of an education. Indeed, he was a bigot and a vicious anti-semite, in many ways a truly ignorant man, yet his outstanding belief in his own abilities led him to extraordinary financial and industrial success.

Without his total belief that he could build a mass-produced car affordable for everyone, the history of mass motoring might have been very different. And so would his own financial success.

You see, what you believe about yourself is at the root of personal success or failure. You can see how self-belief has helped students with disabilities overcome their own limitations – such as deafness, blindness, physical impairment – by reading some testimonials here.

Limiting Beliefs Stop You Manifesting Things

So let’s explore for a few minutes how your beliefs have such a massive impact on whether you are successful or not.

The thing is, your beliefs are like a filter through which you see the world. For example, what you believe about attraction and creation determines your success at getting what you want and manifesting your desired future.

A child learns about limits by experiencing the world.
A child learns about limits by experiencing the world. Parental encouragement has a great part to play here.

So where do your beliefs come from?

Well, many of them come from childhood, swallowed whole as you watched the people around you.

Beliefs like this are accepted as fact, and they’re rarely subject to scrutiny or any kind of examination later in life without you making a clear decision to examine them with some suitable process. (And maybe conscious effort and determination.) Or having them directly and repeatedly challenged by your own experience.

(As an adult, let’s say as an example, do you believe it’s possible to get something for nothing? Probably not. But what did you believe about that as a child at Christmas?)

As you grow up, you try make sense of the things going on around you, by using your intelligence. Sadly, during childhood, your intelligence may not be adequate to understand every aspect of what happens in the world around you. So you make assumptions about how things operate. If reinforced, these assumptions become your belief system.

Either of these ways of forming beliefs about what happens in the world are pretty unreliable.

But the problem is that once your beliefs are established, everything you experience, everything you see, everything you think, and everything you feel is adjusted so that it fits in line with your beliefs.

Which effectively means that the way you see the world is created from your belief system. Everything you know about the world conforms to the way you believe it operates.

And of course this isn’t a conscious process.

Yourt beliefs control manifestation
Your subconscious controls everything you think, feel and believe.

From the day you were born, your subconscious mind has collected information and processed it into your belief system. 

Sure, your life experiences can impact your beliefs, but no matter how they are established, in general your beliefs are accepted by your subconscious mind as being absolutely true. They only change in extreme circumstances.

And these beliefs construct your vision of the world.

Of course what those beliefs consist of becomes a major factor in determining whether you are a success or a failure, whether you’re happy or unhappy, and indeed, whether you’re satisfied (or not) with your entire life.

Suppose, for example, that your belief system has led you to believe that opportunities lie everywhere in the world. Do you think that coming across problems would cause you to give up in your attempt to achieve some goal? Or do you think that if you had a belief system which tells you that “opportunity is waiting everywhere”, you’d simply regard difficulties and problems as minor challenges and quickly achieve success anyway?

And by contrast somebody who believed that opportunities were few and far between might be discouraged by the very first challenge they came across and give up almost immediately.

We’re all emotionally attached to our belief system, because it’s what orientates us in the world. When events don’t fit into the beliefs we hold, we tend to react with fear: most people regard stability and certainty as essential to their well-being.

Yet a fortunate few see a beckoning opportunity when their belief system is challenged. Most of us, though, regrettably defend it to the hilt. (As you may have noticed!)

By the way, in those times when you feel that your life is unravelling, and that nothing that you could once depend on is certain any more, it’s a fair bet that your belief system is being seriously challenged.

Changing Beliefs Can Be Challenging

(Or at least, I believe it is!)

But just how can you let go of your belief system, the old ways in which you understand your place in the world, without feeling unsafe or threatened?

And in any case, how can you establish what your beliefs are if they’re completely subconscious?

One dictionary defines belief as an acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty.

This is the sense of certainty that causes us to defend both our empowering beliefs and our limiting ones with the same force and effort.

Naturally enough, whether you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, you’re right.

That’s because your mind will find experiences to match what you believe. Logic is no way to contest a person’s belief system, as you may already have discovered!

There are several ways in which the subconscious mind reinforces our reality.

The first of those is attraction.

We are attracted to, and we will attract towards us, people and experiences that confirm our beliefs. This is why some people continue to experience one bad relationship after another: they simply find people who confirm what they believe to be true about themselves (in this case, such things as “I’m worthless”, “No one will ever really love me”, and “I never get what I want”.)

A person who repeatedly finds unhappy relationships must believe, deep down inside, that they simply don’t deserve to have a happy relationship.

And a second way in which the subconscious keeps our belief system intact is by interpreting events in a way that reinforces our belief system.

Suppose, for example, that you believe everyone is out to take advantage of you. It won’t be hard to find a whole plethora of events and experiences in life which you can interpret as meaning somebody has been trying to take advantage of you.

On the other hand, if you believe that the world is a safe place, where people will help and support you – guess what happens?

Another way is a kind of denial of your own experience: in other words, if you believe, say, that the world is a cruel place, and somebody starts treating you with love, you may well respond with cynicism and sarcasm, rejecting the very thing you might aspire to have. Only when you allow your limiting beliefs to change so that you can accept the world as a safe place will you find true love and friendship.

Eliminate limiting beliefs for manifestation success.
Changing your beliefs is the key to opening the door to manifestation.

All of which brings us to the very interesting question of how you can change your beliefs so that you can create different reality around you.

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs 

EMPOWERING beliefs create a positive experience of life; so how can you change negative beliefs into EMPOWERING and POSITIVE ones?

Having an open mind is helpful! When you look around you, and you find an area of your life that’s working well, you can safely assume you’re holding a set of empowering and positive beliefs.

And in any area of your life that is not working, there’s probably a set of beliefs operating that are negative and unhelpful.

From Advanced Lifeskills:

Identifying your limiting beliefs

Apply the following 7 questions to every area of your life that leaves you feeling limited, incompetent, unqualified or afraid. Make a list that includes the unfulfilling activity, and the limiting belief associated with the negative feelings behind it.

1) What do you feel you are not very good at, and why do you think that is so?
2) What areas of your life leave you feeling incompetent or unqualified and why?
3) What new activity are you afraid to try, but would like to? Why do you feel afraid?
4) What is your least favorite activity, and why do you dislike it so much?
5) In what area do you want to improve, and what do you feel is holding you back?
6) What do you avoid helping others with, and why do you feel unable to help them?
7) When you want to make a good impression, what do you try to hide, and why?

Dismantling these limiting beliefs

To begin dismantling your limiting beliefs, you need to link them to a painful, negative, emotional anchor. The more painful the anchor, the more effective it will be. Start by asking yourself some pointed questions about each belief such as:

1) What price have I paid because of believing this?
2) How is what I believe affecting me financially, physically and emotionally?
3) Why did I get anchored in this limiting belief to begin with?

Continuing to question the validity and consequences of any limiting belief will expose a wide array of negative emotional anchors for those beliefs. Once they come to represent pain, it becomes much easier to move away from them and move toward more empowering beliefs.

Look for empowering replacements.

Next, ask yourself a few simple questions.

1) What would I have to believe in order to succeed in this area of my life?
2) What would I have to do differently in order to produce the results I want?
3) Which of my existing, empowering beliefs can I apply to these areas of my life?

As you answer these 3 questions, allow yourself to develop a sense of certainty that, by changing your beliefs, you will be able to produce positive results. Make a list of these new beliefs so you have them as a reference. Review this list often, especially if you find yourself slipping into a negative mindset.

Look for improved results

Adopting these new empowering beliefs will change the results you produce. In turn, being alert to those changes will help reinforce and validate your new beliefs. Soon, your new beliefs will be totally accepted into your subconscious and be reflected in your new internal map of reality.

For me, having a clear purpose that gives you great fulfillment, which you can do well is essential. This can be something really simple, or something massive. When you look at the stories of successful people you often hear them say that one of their motivations for generating financial wealth was so that they could “make a difference” or “do some good in the world”.

What’s interesting about this to me is that they often don’t define what those things mean – they just know, deep down inside, what gives them the pleasure and satisfaction of operating within a rewarding and fulfilling “mission”, purpose or occupation in life.

The other thing that’s really important purpose that is fulfilling is that your empowered: you’ll not only let go of faulty beliefs in the past, but you can let go of judgments and expectations of other people, which allows you to look at them with compassion and curiosity, and not to see them in a way that is influenced by your own experience and history.

EFT and Opportunities For Change

EFT is an interesting system for changing your personal realities. An energy based technique, some people swear by it. 

The secrets of manifestation on this site will allow you to create the life you desire.