Attracting Wealth By Wallace Wattles – 4

Acting In A Certain Way

Wattles referred repeatedly to the need to think and act in “a Certain Way”. In Chapter 11 of The Science Of Getting Rich he explains what he means by this.

To recap, it’s not your role in this process to “supervise” the creative process of how you get what you want. Or, as Neville Goddard said, it’s not necessary to know about the cursed hows.

You must simply act in – here we go again – a “Certain Way”.

Over the years, as Wattles’ advice has filtered down to us, it’s become transmuted and even changed in many ways. Essential elements have been left out, including the need for action.

It is, however, indisputable that you must ACT now as well as visualize your outcomes.

You do not postpone action until you get into the right business, or the right environment, or until the right time presents itself – you must act now, with your attention on what’s happening at the moment.

This equates to the advice given by writers and authors on the Law of Attraction to move forward in small steps in the general direction of your goal or objective.

By visualizing an image, and then sitting down and waiting for something to happen to bring it to you, you’re likely to end up very disappointed with nothing to show for it. You must take action. You must ACT now.

Whatever action you take will be centred on where you are now and what you’re doing now.

(Obviously that’s true because you can’t act in a place where you are not present, nor can you act where you’ve been in the past or where you’re going to be in the future – you can only act where you are now.)

But there’s a deeper meaning behind this, which is that you take action now, in your current environment, without seeking some new thing to do, or some strange or remarkable action to perform as a first step to getting rich.

For the first steps in getting rich are probably variations of the actions that you’re already taking.

The difference is the way in which you perform those actions.

You do them in a Certain Way.

For example, Wattles advises that if you’re engaged in some kind of business which you don’t think is the right one for you to be in, ACT NOW ANYWAY! You do not need to wait until you get into the right business before you begin to act.

He exhorts you not feel discouraged or to sit down and lament because you’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing.

The truth is that everyone, no matter where they are at the moment, can find the right place; no matter what they are doing at the moment, they can find the right thing to do.

So – you hold the image in your mind of yourself in the right business, in the right place, doing the right things, with the right people, you hold the faith and belief that you will be able to achieve that, and you know the deeper purpose behind your vision…. Meanwhile you take some action – you ACT – wherever you are, right here, right now.

It’s the power of the vision you hold that will move the right places, events, and people towards you.

Provided, of course, that you’re holding your vision with faith and purpose (as Wattles would have had it), or with desire and belief (as I would have it).

Over and over again, Wattles emphasizes that your power to hold the vision of yourself in the place you want to be, doing the things you want to do, with the people you want to be with, is what will change your circumstances.

This vision sets the creative force in motion, and brings your goal towards you.

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Chapter 12, as if it weren’t already clear, is headed “Efficient Action”


So the action you take right now must be the product of your thinking right here, right now.

And indeed, it is essential that you do everything you can – no matter how small the steps may be – to move yourself in a direction in which you would judge yourself to be a success.

At the same time, remember you don’t know HOW things are going to manifest (remember the cursed hows are none of our business!)

Law of Attraction - The Cursed Hows
You don’t need to know HOW things will manifest – just have faith that they will!

And you don’t know what circumstances or “coincidences” will happen to make your desires manifest.

Which is why Wattles emphasizes you have to do everything you can to move forward in your present situation – because even the most trivial act may be an essential part of opening your doorway to greater possibilities.

And, as he says, you can never know how the Supreme Intelligence is going to manifest what you want.

But this is not an instruction to overwork, or to rush blindly into things, or to try and do the greatest possible number of things in the shortest possible time.

Action needs to be considered.

What matters is not the number of things you do but the efficiency with which you do them.

Therefore, you need to strive in your present situation to make every act efficient, and make every act a success.

Do you see why?

Because everything you do which is inefficient is in effect a failure, and if you simply do lots more inefficient acts, then you make things worse for yourself.

But when you do things which are a success and you do them efficiently, you move into a place of creativity, willpower, and self-control.

Compare a day where you’ve mixed lots of trivial things that really achieved nothing but occupied lots of time with a day where you did a few things well, and ended up with a feeling of satisfaction, and  you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Law of Attraction Principles

One of the interesting things about The Science Of Getting Rich is the way Wattles changed his description of the Universal Intelligence to suit what he was writing about. In the chapter on action, he refers to it as “ALL Power”.

That speaks again, to me, of the need to focus continually on your vision – making it a part of your every waking moment, and with such clarity that when you think of it you feel your motivation, belief and expectation of success are reinforced.

The bottom line here is that you must do every day, all that you can do, and do it as efficiently as possible.

Action and Attraction

In Chapter 13, Wattles again turns his attention to action and he makes a most interesting observation: desire is a manifestation of power.

Desire and power are inextricably linked
Desire and power are inextricably linked

When you feel the desire to do something, it means there an innate power within you which will enable you to do that thing, even if in a rudimentary way.

So for example, if you have a desire to pay off your debt, that means you have the power to pay off your debt.

If you have the desire to get into a relationship, then you have the power to be in relationship.

If you desire to run a business, then you have the power to do so.

You only have the desire to achieve some objective when you also have the power to achieve it. Your desire is a symbol of your underlying power. And to the extent that the desire is weak, so the power is weak.

Wattles also talks about intuition – the intuition which can lead you to know at a deep level that you’re doing the right thing, even when it isn’t immediately clear which is the path to follow.

And he also reminds us that as we tread the path towards our objectives, opportunities to reach it will present themselves in increasing numbers. (A phenomenon commonly reported by people who are seriously into manifesting their reality.)

Again, the importance of holding the image of you enjoying your desired outcome as you move towards your goal is reinforced: you should do everything with a firm conviction that you are “in advancing personality” and you are giving advancement to everybody else.

You should actually feel the energy of getting rich, and know that by getting rich you are making others rich, which confers benefits on all.

This is not the way of the competitive mind. Instead of competition, abide by a golden rule: “What I want for myself, I want for everybody.”

we are all one in manifestation
You are responsible for the well being of the entire world when you seek to manifest something

In conclusion, remember that the impression that poverty must affect millions or even billions of people is an illusion – it’s an illusion because billions of people co-operate with, or accept as a given, the concept of poverty. In short, they are content to remain in the situation life has given them.

You are not one of these people, because you’re reading this.

You can enter into the path of wealth, abundance and prosperity at any time, simply by making it your intention to do so.

You can become rich and wealthy just because that’s what you desire.

You can obtain a loving relationship just because that’s you want.

You can achieve satisfaction and happiness because you know that is your birthright.

(And you can do this in a cooperative way rather than a competitive way, seeking your soul purpose and the satisfaction which comes from living your soul purpose.)

You can think positively rather than in any other way, because you know that that’s the way by which you will find faith and motivation, as well as hope and belief, and because you know it’s the best frame of mind in which you can take action.

You know that you can guard your speech and your thoughts against negativity, that you can focus on success and achievement to the exclusion of all else

You know that no matter what is going on around you, you can be optimistic and see things positively.

You know that when you sink into despair or depression you have the power to lift yourself out of it quickly and return to the faith that no matter what may appear to be happening in the world, these merely represent a transition to something new and better and different.

And in this way you can manifest what you want.