Questions About The Law Of Attraction – 2

More of your questions on how the universal law of attraction works! Continued from here.

6) Can I force the Law Of Attraction to cooperate with me?

If you are trying to force the Law Of Attraction to work for you, it could be that you don’t actually believe that it’s going to work for you. The Universal Laws of creation, attraction and manifestation will always find the easiest way to respond to your desires if you ask in the right way.

It’s important that you maintain an energy of belief, expectancy and excitement about what you are trying to manifest.  A coercive kind of energy isn’t going to work well, if at all, because it’s not in the nature of how manifestation works.

7) I’ve been trying to get something for three weeks, but now it hasn’t appeared – how long does conscious creation and manifesting things take?

Well, the truth of the matter is that it depends on your belief system. Believe me (pun intended) if you had the faith that you can get $1 million today you would. But the problem is that very few people can actually believe that (unless, I suppose, they are in an environment where, as a matter of routine, million-dollar deals are done on a regular basis).

The manifestation of large amounts of money is not difficult - if you believe completely that it's possible.
The manifestation of large amounts of money is not difficult – if you believe completely that it’s possible.

For you, the time in which you can accumulate $1 million depends on when you believe you can have it. Remember always that the power of your words to dominate the reality around you is infinite.

I’ve heard the issue of time around manifestation summed up like this: “You will have what you desire when your belief is equal to your desire.” It’s a little bit subtle, but I think there’s something valuable in there!

Video on manifestation & belief

8) I hear you talk about visualizing an outcome, but I have trouble picturing anything!

Many many people have difficulty visualizing – or at least, they think they do. But the subconscious mind is always ready to respond to a mental image or suggestion of any kind. Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine squeezing a fresh lemon into your mouth. Feel your mouth water?

The salivation that you inevitably experience when you do this demonstrates you can visualize or imagine something strongly enough to activate your subconscious. You don’t need to do more than that, and you’ll probably find that as you practice more, you can visualize more and more effectively as time goes by. What matters is taking the time to be specific and clear about what you want, and what it would feel like to achieve get what you want.

9) If using the Law Of Attraction is so easy, why don’t more people win the lottery?

Again, it’s about belief. The truth of the matter is the Law Of Attraction be used by anybody who’s willing to learn how to use this creative power and who can maintain consistent belief, and take clearly defined actions until the manifestation appears.

Action is a critical part of manifestation, even if it only consists of visualizing your objective three times a day and reciting affirmations and practicing gratitude.

Winning the lottery may be random - unless you use a strategy to manifest money
Generating cash may be random – unless you use a strategy to manifest money

Since the Law Of Attraction, or the universal Law, has no opinion whatever about how much money you deserve or should have, it’s a good idea for you to make that decision, and it’s even better idea for you to decide to get what you want.

But as always, there is more! One of the things that seems to happen for people who are successful using the Law Of Attraction is that they visualize more consistently, in other words they apply quality persistence to their effort. They don’t give up. They believe that with effort, all things are possible.

I would add at this point that one of the criticisms of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret has been that it seems to blame people who fail, often citing the fact they hold negative thoughts. I don’t think that’s always true: I think very often people simply give up too soon.

And also, it’s inevitable that people who want something right now (which is, when all’s said and done, the nature of our society), become despondent and demoralized when they don’t find it appearing in their lives. But this is not because the universal Laws don’t work!

It’s because they don’t believe they can get whatever they are trying to achieve. And the cure for this challenge is to manifest smaller things to start with… things that are within your the belief system or your the level of persistence or your emotional capacity.

10) I don’t believe in God, but there seems to be a spiritual aspect to the Law Of Attraction?

Yes, we are a part of creation, and it’s the creative power or force which responds to everything you think or feel or believe. More to the point as far as manifestation is concerned, is that the creative power inside you is responding to anything you think on a regular basis, feel consistently, and speak about frequently.

This means you have to have an awareness of your mental state, and be sure that your thoughts, feelings and words are all aligned with the things you want to achieve. You’re not going to be able to do that, however, unless your belief system is also aligned with what you actually want to achieve or create in the world.

And of course if you look around you, there is plenty of reason to be negative. There is plenty of reason to think that a benevolent God could not have created a world where there is such negativity. But this misses the point. Look at the next question.

11) If thoughts create things, then why do bad things happen to good people?

Perhaps we’ve got this wrong. Perhaps it’s not about good people creating a negative reality by having bad thoughts.

Get real about your manifestation - set targets you can believe in!
Get real about your manifestation – set targets you can believe in!

What I offer to you as a possible explanation of this seeming paradox is this: using conscious creation techniques to get what you want, in other words manifesting desired outcomes in your world, is more about taking charge of the random chaos that governs the world and everything in it.

In other words, by applying visualization, by believing in an outcome, by feeling desire, by expecting something to manifest, you are actually switching on the universal Law of Attraction and Creation.

What I’m saying is that perhaps this law needs to be switched on to operate.

And you can switch it on with conscious intention – just as anyone can. Without such conscious intention to achieve an outcome, maybe what governs the state of the world is just random chaos. It’s an uncomfortable thought, but one perhaps worthy of consideration

12) What on earth do people mean when they talk of “releasing your intention“?

What I think people mean when they speak about this is opening to acceptance. There’s something here that has a religious aspect: “As a man thinketh, so he is.” “Ask and you shall receive.” “Seek and you shall find” … you know, that kind of thing. Almost as if God is fickle. Almost as if he or she will decide on a whim whether or not we are deserving of grace and mercy and physical or emotional well-being.

The idea inherent here, I think, is that when we’ve prayed to “God”, we then sit back, and await his or her decision about whether we are worthy to receive. This truly misses the point.

The universe might appear as though it has some pseudo-conscious power to deliver what we want to us, but it in truth it does not.

What it will do is deliver to us what we want if we fulfill the criteria necessary to switch on the Law Of Attraction.

So in other words, if you want to create your reality, you have to persist with the work needed to make it happen. That might be practicing visualization exercises, or it might be clearing up the exact details of what you want to happen.

Or it might be discovering how to feel intense emotion around the process of manifestation. It might be about generating firm belief and complete confidence that what you want is actually going to appear.

13) So if that’s true, then what should I do to make manifestation happen?

The answer is to try out all the techniques available to you so that you can make a judgement about which one of them is going to be easiest and most successful for you. You want something you can enjoy doing so your motivation is maintained. There is plenty of choice, as you can see if you look at the relevant pages on this website.

14) Is it necessary to do these exercises in the same place and at the same time every day?

No, it certainly isn’t. I know there are some belief systems which seem to suggest you should adopt a particular place and use it repeatedly for manifestation, but in truth that’s just a way of generating a habit, a behavior pattern, which makes it easier to persist with the practice.

You can manifest anything, anytime, anywhere.
You can manifest anything, anytime, anywhere.

My response is that if you’re serious about manifesting anything by using the law of attraction, you won’t need to find cues like this to make it possible for you to visualize. Sure, people – maybe even you – are challenged at first. That’s human nature: when we try something new it can be difficult. Persistence is the key.

15 ) I heard you once say it was vital to keep what I was doing secret. But I’ve also heard that a “mastermind group” can be a massive help in manifestation.

Yes, it does seem like a conflict between two different positions, doesn’t it? But the truth is this: most people are lazy or ineffectual or can’t be bothered to try and improve the quality of their life. They are what we call “King killers”.

As soon as they see someone successful, or someone aspiring to a better life, they immediately puncture their ambition and try to bring that person back down to their own level. And regrettably, you’re sometimes going to find that the people closest to you are the ones who have the most interest in you remaining exactly who you are and where you are – at least for now.

Don’t share what you’re doing or how you’re trying to do it with disbelievers. They will flatten your motivation, suppress your intention, and spoil your day, if not your life. Only share what you’re doing with somebody who understands, who believes and who is genuinely supportive. And obviously that would include people in a mastermind group.

16) How can it be true that the Law Of Attraction is an impersonal cosmic principle? If that was so doesn’t it mean that good and bad people alike could generate what they want?

Indeed it does, and regrettably throughout history you can see many outrageous examples of how people have used cosmic laws to manifest evil in the world. But this kills the soul of the person who does it.

Most of us prefer to achieve perpetual growth, personal development, and expansion into the possibility of being who we really are,  by using the Law Of Attraction to bring positive energy into our lives. Read about limiting beliefs and how they stop manifestation here.

The secrets of manifestation on this site will allow you to create the life you desire.