Questions About The Law of Attraction – 1

Your Questions Answered!

So many questions have come in about Law Of Attraction principles I decided to put them here so you can see how people think, and get some tips for your own greater success!

1) I want to use these ideas of creation and attraction to win the lottery, so should I buy lots of tickets?

It’s an interesting question, because beginners with the Law Of Attraction often believe that they need to give the universe some way of manifesting their desired outcome – in this case money. And obviously lottery tickets look like an easy route for the universe to deliver abundant cash to you!

However there are several problems here. To start with: do you actually believe you’re going to win the lottery? The odds of winning are often hundreds of thousands, or millions, to one, and since that’s an actual fact which almost everyone knows, it can be hard to believe you’re going to be the one person in several million who wins!

Let’s assume, however, that you do indeed have a state of mind in which you believe that the universe could manifest you money through a lottery jackpot. What do you think buying lots of tickets suggests to the universe about your belief system? That in actual fact, you aren’t confident about winning!

It’s hard for “beginners” who are trying to create or manifest their reality to understand that everything they do and everything they think is a powerful symbol to the universe, a powerful expression of their belief about the likelihood of manifestation taking place.

Every word you say, and every thought which crosses your mind is an indication of your belief system: and when you don’t believe that manifestation is possible (and, let’s face it, odds of 14 million to 1 against winning the lottery jackpot makes it hard to believe!), then it simply won’t happen.

2) I don’t understand why some people talk about aiming for massive goals while others talk about using law of attraction techniques to manifest smaller goals?

You’re quite correct to ask this question, because it can be a very confusing issue.

The universe has no opinion about what you deserve; indeed, when you apply the correct conditions and techniques to your creative manifestation, the universe is actually bound to give you what you want.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that you might not fundamentally believe your goal is achievable.

Elsewhere I explain how you might want to manifest $1 million in your bank account in six months’ time.

Of course it’s absolutely possible for the universe to produce $1 million for you in six months’ time – there are, literally, an infinite number of ways in which this money can come to you, almost all of which you can’t even begin to imagine right now.

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But if you believe, either consciously or unconsciously, that this will not happen, or is unlikely to happen, or can’t happen, then it really won’t happen.

When you visualize your outcome you will always feel something,  or experience an intuition, or somehow “know” whether or not you fundamentally believe your objective is achievable.

If you don’t, then you need to scale back your objective, your goal, your desired outcome, until it something with which you feel completely comfortable. This might be (say) $250,000 in your bank account in six months’ time.

You see, this is about fitting your objective, your desired outcome to what you can believe is possible.

Remember that belief is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Law Of Attraction, and without true belief, nothing will manifest.

3) I feel desperate because I’m broke, and I’m wondering if this emotion is going to get in the way of the laws of manifestation?

Well, yes, you’re absolutely right, it certainly can get in the way of manifestation.

If you feel desperate, it’s a fair bet that your entire being is working in a mindset where fear is your dominant emotion. Fear of lack, or not having enough, is a negative emotion that prevents you believing in the possibility of having more money.

And regrettably, I know from my own history how pervasive fear, especially about lack of money, can be: people think about their problems all the time, especially money problems.

And when you’re focusing on the negative or the lack in your life, then you’re not in a position to manifest the positive.

The way to deal with this is to manifest things using the Law Of Attraction which you can believe in.

And that might be something as small as $10. It might be somebody offering you free meal. The point is this: if you can accept the small things, then your belief in the process of conscious creation will gradually grow and flourish, and then you can begin to believe that bigger things will manifest for you.

And there’s nothing wrong with starting small – when you read the accounts of people who’ve made a success of manifestation, and who can now consciously create their life by attracting into it the things they really want, you often find they initially manifested only small things.

The point about small things is that they give you a basis of success, and when you feel successful your fear will disappear – because you know that you can manifest what you want. As always, your outer experience changes as your beliefs change.

4) Is there anyway that I can know that what I’ve been trying to manifest will appear?

Sometimes there’s a very clear moment in the process of visualization (see the page about manifestation techniques for more information) when you have an inner certainty, and inner knowing, which leaves no room for doubt that something is about to happen.

This is an interesting experience! Almost a little miracle. It’s an experience which people who are successful when manifesting their objective speak of time and time again, and it’s truly a wonderful moment. I’ve felt it myself and it’s hard to describe, but the essence of it is a moment of absolute certainty that what you want is going to be delivered to you. And then you know you need do nothing more.

The interesting thing to me is that even without this moment of “knowing“, you may still know when your visualization is working.

That’s because anything you picture as a desired outcome, while you’re feeling strong positive emotion  is likely to appear in your life.

Sometimes, strong negative emotion will work, too:  see the page on manifestation principles to read more about that.

Positive feelings of excitement, anticipation, expectancy, gratitude hope, love, joy – all of those good juicy emotions – give your visualizations extra power to manifest in reality.

But when your exercises, your visualizations, your objectives or your self-talk feel negative, or when you feel internal resistance, then you know things are not going to work so well for you. In cases like this, the cure is to actually adjust your goals and expectations downwards so that you’re aiming for smaller goals and objectives which you can believe in.

5) So I see that you mentioned negative emotion above? How does this fit with the way people talk about the need for gratitude to make Law Of Attraction work?

I think the answer is this: some writers on the law of attraction talk about gratitude because it is an incredibly powerful emotion which has the power to change your entire being from negative to positive with comparatively little effort.

I mean, if you practice gratitude for five things three times a day – and all that means is just thinking of five things for which you are truly grateful – you will find your mental attitude changes to one of optimism and positivity in less than three weeks. It’s truly remarkable, and it’s no wonder that people who write about the Law Of Attraction consistently talk about the power of gratitude.

But underlying this there’s definitely a more subtle explanation for conscious creation and manifestation: emotion is the fuel that causes the Universal Laws Of Attraction to work for you.

Read that again, because it’s probably the single most important statement in the book: strong emotion is the power which makes the Universal Laws Of Attraction work for you.

Most people talk about positive joy and love and excitement as the emotions that can fuel the law of attraction. The truth is, negative emotions work too. Anger in particular can also be very powerful – but negative emotions such as jealousy and envy can influence how manifestation happens as well. I’ve actually generated lots of money when I felt angry about my need for abundance.

And I’d say that every time I’ve done this, those angry feelings have been underpinned by an absolute belief and certainty that money will manifest for me.

Most people who get angry about a lack of money are probably running a belief system which suggests they are not likely to get money. Or perhaps they are angry because they don’t have any money.

Again, as always, what you believe and what you feel is what controls whether the Law Of Attraction will work for you or not. Without belief in the outcome that you are “programming” for,  or trying to achieve, you won’t get it. Without strong emotion of some kind, you won’t get it. These are the fuel that makes the engine of manifestation work.

The secrets of manifestation on this site will allow you to create the life you desire.