Introduction To The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Will Give You What You Want!

You may be wondering, “what is this mysterious Law Of Attraction?” 

You may have tried to use it, and been amazed by what happened.

Or not. You see, over the last 10 years or so, since The Secret was published, millions of people have tried to use Law of Attraction concepts for manifestation. And many of them have been disappointed.

Quite naturally, they want to know why it hasn’t worked for them.

illustration of manifestation
Law Of Attraction is a universal principle, and, used correctly, cannot fail.

In fact, since The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was published in 2006, thousands of books, TV programs, and websites have been produced on manifestation.

Indeed, everywhere you look it seems that people are trying to use manifestation to get what they want in life.

And many people have changed their lives for the better by using law of attraction and manifestation techniques. 

So why are some people so successful at manifesting a new reality and attracting what they want, while others don’t succeed at all when they try and use Law of Attraction techniques?

Manifesting …

…..and Law Of Attraction

If you’re trying to create or achieve something important with the techniques you’ve heard about on Law of Attraction websites, and you haven’t had any success, you’re probably very frustrated.

You might be even more frustrated if you’ve read that Attraction is a universal law which applies to everybody, all of the time, everywhere!

So if you aren’t getting any results, what’s going on?

Let’s start with some definitions.

Manifestation means “creating your reality”, “getting what you want”, or just changing your circumstances for the better. And to manifest something  simply means to make it appear or happen in your world.

And because we don’t do this alone, but with the help of the universe, you’ll often find manifestation is defined as co-creating your reality.

That’s to say, you’re co-creating reality with the help of the universe (or God, or the Great Mystery or Cosmic Consciousness…. you can substitute whatever words you wish to use here!)

holding the universal laws in your hands
Because we are part of the universe, we have the ability to influence the form in which things manifest.

So far, so simple. What you also find is that most people talk about manifestation being governed by a set of universal laws.

What they mean is that the principles and techniques which govern manifestation work for everybody, all of the time, everywhere…. Even though, as you know, we sometimes don’t manage to get what we want!

I like to keep things simple, and I think of the way in which we manifest things as being governed by just one Universal Law of Attraction.

The thing is this: when we talk about a “law”, what we mean is that we can see something working so often, and so reliably, that there’s clearly some fundamental principle at work.

Which must mean that if you use the most popular ideas and techniques written about Law of Attraction, and you use them correctly, then you’ll always get what you want, right?

Signboard to success and failure
Can you really get anything you want with Law of Attraction techniques?

No. You see, it’s not that simple. Sometimes the universe seems to give you something different to what you wanted.  Or sometimes it won’t co-operate with you at all.

Because of that, many so-called experts say: “But this is a universal law, so if you’re not getting what you want, then YOU must be doing something wrong.”

What they leave out, of course, is the possibility that they’re not teaching it correctly, or explaining it in the right way.

Most of us would like to have more power over the world around us – and achieve greater success

What Is Law of Attraction Really All About?

But of course you’re likely to be very frustrated if you can’t get what you want.

Say you’ve set some goals and you’re doing everything in your power to bring them about… and still nothing changes, no matter what you do! That makes you lose faith.

Or you might find you can manifest an empty parking space or a few extra dollars easily. But you just can’t take your success beyond that level.

And there’s no obvious reason why.

To be told by some so-called expert that it’s your fault, because you’re not using Law of Attraction  techniques correctly, is no help at all. (LoA for short.)

By the way, I think this really suggests such people really have no idea about how manifestation really works.

So here’s a clue about what might be going on. The ideas in the most popular and successful books and websites about manifestation are not consistent.  In fact, the techniques different writers describe for manifesting (i.e. attracting outcomes, objectives and goals into your life) are often very different. 

And you can also get another clue about something that’s gone wrong in our understanding of how to co-create reality by the fact that there are so many books trying to explain The Secret!

The Secret
The Secret

Anyone who’s investigated this field will know it’s rife with seminars and workshops. Lots of people go from one to another, hoping to discover the truth – but somehow never quite manage to find it!

Yet surely if it was really easy to make manifestation work, then we’d all be doing it, and not learning about it in all these workshops?

The Law – Fundamental Principles Of Attraction

This will make more sense if we start with the very fundamental principles of co-creating reality, of manifestation.

This is basically a way of creating what you want, or manifesting reality, by using the power of your thoughts using Law of Attraction concepts.

At one level that’s a statement of the obvious – if you look around you, almost everything you can see started with a thought in somebody’s mind.

What you can now do is extend that idea into something slightly more advanced: the concept that everything in your life, be it material, spiritual, emotional, tangible or intangible, is the product of your current thinking.

And please note that doesn’t mean if you had an abusive upbringing, that somehow it was part of your karma. I think that’s nonsense.

But what may well be true is that the life you are living right now is the product of how you think about yourself and your history.

If you change your thinking, you change your reality.

That is the simplest way of looking at what we mean by  Law of Attraction. Everything you do, and everything you achieve, everything in your life, in fact, starts with a particular thought or way of thinking.

And this means you can create your future reality in every detail by applying the Law of Attraction.

Law of attraction makes dreams come true.
Your dreams can come true.

Think about that for a moment. Then consider this….

You can use universal Laws Of Attraction to have anything you want, to accumulate abundance, to find a great relationship, and to live the life you want.

But How Does Attraction Work?

Well, that’s what we aim to explain on this website. But why do we need to know how it works? After all, we could just learn the techniques and go right ahead, co-creating reality very happily.

Well, understanding something makes it more believable. After all, Attraction concepts are pretty far out!

But the Law Of Creation (another name for the LoA) depends on faith. Not religious faith, but the simple act of faith which means you trust the universe to deliver on its promises once you ask for something to be given unto you.

And I certainly understand that being told you have to rely on an “act of faith” to get what you want might make you feel a bit skeptical.

We’re all brought up in a world of cause and effect, after all. You know, a “do this and get that” kind of world. So a lot of us come to think that, “Well, if you can’t explain it, then I can’t believe in it.”

But suppose that attraction and manifestation really work; it’s just that we simply don’t understand how.

Could you then have faith, and trust the universe to give you what you want?

Trying To Explain The Law May Be Futile

A lot of people have written nonsense about quantum physics (which they clearly don’t understand in the first place). Others have waffled on about the interaction of matter and energy and spirituality to try and explain manifestation.

But does this really matter? If you move into a place where you can use the right techniques to create reality and you find that it works, do you really have to have an explanation of how this is happening?

Clearly co-creating reality, or attracting what you want, whether it’s by means of some universal law or not, is a process that goes beyond our normal experience of the world.

Perhaps therefore, you can take your thinking to a different level, and just accept “what is”.

universal law of attraction
Do you really need to know what is going on at a physical level when you manifest reality?

There’s a wonderfully invigorating energy behind the idea of just accepting that manifestation by means of the Law of Attraction can happen without  understanding how it works!

You see, all you need to know is that you can use the power of the Law Of Attraction for your benefit.

Even so, of course, faith is an important aspect of manifesting. Your belief or faith in the process is critical to its success.

Faith means that you believe you can make a different reality, that you believe in your ability to manifest goals and objectives… even when nothing seems to be happening.

Belief in what you are doing, as we shall see, is really important.

But most of us lack belief in our ability to do very much at all. Most of us are brought up in a way which makes us doubt our own strength and power. Most of us hear things like “you have to work hard to succeed”, “life is a struggle”, “life’s a bitch and then you die”, “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer”, and so on and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

Is that the way you learn to succeed, to believe you can do anything you want, have anything you desire?

No. Of course not.

And we aren’t brought up to believe in our own magnificence, with a sense of self-confidence, or open to the potential that each of us is born with.

Power and energy in children
Have you retained the sense of your own power so often expressed by children?

Most of us, in fact, are brought up to believe in limitation and negativity rather than opportunity and positivity.

That’s one reason why it can be heard to keep the faith around manifestation and attraction and co-creation. And that’s also why it’s hard to believe that, actually, all this might really be rather easy…..

Because, you see, manifestation and conscious creation is commonplace. Long before The Secret was even thought of, people like Napoleon Hill were writing about how you can make life what you want.

So what if you dropped your disbelief? What if you started to believe that the universe is a generous place which will give you what you want? (If you ask for it in the right way – a way that fits in with the universe’s operating “system” for the manifestation “program”.)

You see, the word “law” is used in this context for good reason. Certain things have to happen, in a certain order, with certain key components, before anything will manifest in our physical reality.

So why isn’t this happening all the time, all around us?

Well, to start with, a lot of people don’t follow the procedures which make manifestation easy. Others give up. Some never even get started…..

In the next post we’ll look at why this happens.

*The Secret was the most recent book on the subject of manifestation and Laws of Creation and Attraction. It has sold millions of copies worldwide but I don’t think it really explains the techniques of manifestation.

** Saying the Law of Creation rather than Attraction emphasizes the way in which you are actively creating your reality, not just passively attracting it.

The secrets of manifestation on this site will allow you to create the life you desire.